New York City, April 01, 2024

6th Colombia Oil and Gas Congress 2024

Date and Place: July 24th and 25th, 2024, Bogota, Colombia
Organizer: Vostock Capital

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For the sixth consecutive year, Colombia Oil and Gas 2024 will attract high-level attendees, flagship oil and gas companies from Latin America, world suppliers for the industry, mines and energy ministry members, and journalists to continue networking, share ideas and experience, develop contingency plans together, and work towards a more eco-friendly and equally profitable industry.

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Congress Highlights:

  • + 200 decision-makers attend Colombia Oil & Gas each year.
  • + 20 investment projects related to production, exploration, transport, and energy transition in Colombia´s Oil and Gas Industry.
  • + 40 industry leaders and experts will present and discuss the key topics influencing the development of the industry in Colombia and Latin America.
  • Networking: 1 to 1 business meetings.
  • Strategic Opening Session: The Role of the Hydrocarbon Sector in the Energy Transition Era.
  • Newest Technologies for Oil and Gas Projects.
  • Status of the Most Auspicious Oil and Gas Refining Projects of Colombia.
  • Progress and Challenges in the LNG and Hydrogen Industry.
  • Recent Gas Reserve Discoveries and Future Explorations.
  • Towards a Profitable Greener Industry.

Catalina Velasco

LatAm Marketing Manager

Organizing Committee

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