WINDSOR, UK, December 5, 2023 – Argentum 47, Inc. (OTC PINK: ARGQ), a leading provider of AI-powered digital marketing solutions including branding, advertising, and lead generation, is excited to announce its Revolutionizing Business Energy Claims initiative in the UK with AI Marketing Tools.

Argentum 47, Inc., a leading player in the technology and artificial intelligence sector, is setting out to transform the landscape of business energy claims in the United Kingdom by leveraging cutting-edge AI marketing tools, advanced algorithms, and data analytics to identify businesses that have been unjustly overcharged or misled by energy brokers and suppliers in the UK.

On June 30, 2022, gas, and power prices in the UK wholesale market for Winter 2022 closed at 373 pence (US 471¢) per term and £342 (US$432) per megawatt hour (“MWh”), respectively, which was 596% and 483% higher than on the same day in 2021.].

Typical household energy bills increased by 54% in April 2022 and 27% in October 2022. Lower wholesale prices led to a fall in bills from July 2023, but they remain well above their pre-2022 levels. [Cost of living and inflation – House of Commons Library (]. The cost has spiralled so much that Ofcom, the UK’s energy regulator, has had to cap energy prices in order to help protect businesses and households from running into debt. This has resulted in the “The Cost-of-Living Crisis” in the UK, where adults in the UK are using less gas and electricity to save on costs.

The UK energy market has also been rife with cases of businesses falling victim to overbilling, contract discrepancies and other unfair practices. These discrepancies have resulted in substantial financial losses for countless enterprises. The UK energy claims market is estimated to be worth billions of US dollars annually, with businesses collectively being owed substantial compensation. To illustrate how much claims can vary, energy management firm PanoServe estimates an average claim value of £80,000 or US$100,000 for hospitality companies compared with £240,000 or US$300,000 for engineering firms. Other legal firms estimate you could recover up to 20% of your previous energy bills if you were mis-sold your contract. []

Using AI-driven marketing tools, Argentum aims to spearhead a revolutionary approach to help businesses in the UK recover what is rightfully theirs. The Company’s algorithms and analytics can sift through vast amounts of data to pinpoint potential victims of unfair energy practices, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

  1. AI-Powered Targeting: Our AI marketing tools will identify businesses that may have been overcharged or deceived by energy suppliers and brokers. This precise targeting ensures a higher success rate in finding businesses that may qualify for compensation.
  2. Data Analytics: Our advanced data analytics capabilities will process and analyze historical energy bills, contracts, and consumption data to identify discrepancies and anomalies that point to potential claims.
  3. Market Worth: The UK business energy claims market is estimated to be worth billions of US Dollars, representing a significant opportunity for affected businesses to recover their losses.
  4. Average Pay-outs: Businesses that successfully file a claim can expect to receive substantial compensation, potentially recovering thousands or even millions of US Dollars in overcharges and losses.
  5. Litigation Funds: Argentum is partnering with established litigation funds and lawyers to support the effort. These funds will provide the necessary financial resources to bring claims to court and secure compensation for affected businesses.

Argentum is committed to ethical business practices and upholding the rights of businesses in the UK. Our initiative aims to hold energy suppliers and brokers accountable for their actions and ensure that businesses receive the compensation to which they are entitled. Join Argentum in our mission to revolutionize business energy claims in the UK and provide relief to affected businesses. For further information or inquiries, please visit our website –

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