DALLAS, TX, July 27, 2023 – Auri Inc. (OTC PINK:AURI) (“AURI”) (the “Company”) is proud to announce today the following update to new Investment, new product launch, pending dividend, and Reg A+ pricing.

The company received a commitment from Phased Investments to invest $ 300,000 in blocks at $ .025 of AURI in the Reg A+. Increasing Reg A pricing with our SEC filings, should bring additional confidence with shareholders, and support for better PPS.

“We recently reduced our OS by 600 million shares, with another large tranche following behind, with over 1.9 billion shares retirement as a goal. We also filed with the Wyoming SOS for a reduction of the AS by 3 Billion shares. The Reg A+ Tier 1 price increase and the new distribution deals, seem to bring confidence to the market and our shareholders. After the Reg A+ Tier 1 price increase is approved by the SEC we will immediately reduce the AS by another 6 billion shares taking the AS to 4 billion. We will conduct another reduction of the AS to 3 billion as promised after the O/S is reduced to below 3 billion. We believe that further confidence will contribute to the market after the revenues that we project to produce take place. These factors combined should make this fall and winter season very productive to adding shareholders value.” Explained Edward Vakser/CEO.

The excitement of recent growth and developments are shared with Apex Farms Corporation who enthusiastically approved the Reg A+ price increase and showed their vote of confidence with the recent AS and OS, reductions and stock retirement.

The management decided to add value and excitement to the recent FINRA announcement ; awarding OTC Markets Group to officially trade crypto currencies, Auri, is happy to adjust the formula for the dividend currently at the October 2, 2023 record date, to a 1 to 1 ratio. Awarding 1 AU token for every 1 AURI share owned at the record date.

Recently the company announced:

The CEO Edward Vakser goes on to state “Recently our team returned from the “Food + Beverage cannabis Expo” in Las Vegas. Josh was able to sign several distribution deals for our brands. We are expecting revenues in excess of $100,000 per month, with a very optimistic growth potential, as well as we signed several other distribution deals for both our brand and other brands that contain our CBD and Delta 9 THC components. Our recent distribution roll-out was launched here in Texas several weeks ago, for our exclusive brands for the Texas area. The rest of the states will be handled by several other distributors, with East, Central and West territories. The company will also produce “private label products” for clients that may want their own brand.”

“One of many key ingredients is our ‘Powered by fast-acting SENDS Technology’, that contributes to fast and full absorption of the product, therefore making an experience more powerful and enjoyable.” Explained our chief designer for the formula.

Recent Share Structure Changes

Recently the company has filed a share retirement with the Wyoming secretary of state for a 3 billion share reduction from the Authorized common shares. The company will complete the aforementioned Authorized common share reduction down to 3 billion after the close of the Reg A, which will take place post reduction of the anticipated 1.9 billion shares reduction from the Outstanding shares. The company wants to emphasize that this order was decided so that the company can decrease the outstanding shares below 3 billion. Currently the company has retired at least 600 million shares from the Outstanding because those shares were in book entry. The next 1.3 billion are in certificate form and the CEO Edward Vakser has bought back these certificates for the betterment of the company and its shareholders which he is in the process of retiring.

Dividend Update: www.auritoken.io

Recently, the company Announced a dividend of the AURI Token 1 for every 200 shares owned. The company is planning on updating the dividend formula so that shareholders get a better ratio. We plan on announcing that this week.

Dividend Information

The company recently posted a ruling given to OTC markets by FINRA regarding trading rights to OTCMarkets for digital currencies.

The company will have an ex dividend date of October 02 , 2023.

Outstanding Share Retirement expectations

The company will be returning to treasury shares up to at least 1 billion shares from the outstanding stock. We will be conducting this in at least 3-4 blocks between July 3, 2023 and August 10, 2023.

Authorized Share Reduction expectations

The company is obligated to retire 10 billion shares from the Authorized common stock according to its acquisition contract with Apex Farms Corp. for the 2 US patents it acquired along with marketing materials, media, and data.

The company will conduct the retirements in 2 tranches. The first tranche will be 9 billion shares approved by the company on July 1, 2023.

However the last 1 billion shares from the Authorized shares will be retired once the Outstanding shares returns to below 3 billion shares.

Our plan is to retire the last 1 billion shares prior to the close of Q3 2023.

Recent Acquisitions

Recently the company has acquired Aqua Vertical Farms Inc. a Wyoming corporation via 100% control.

The company has launched the website for its newly acquired patents www.aquavertical.com as well as launched pre-orders for the residential systems.

About the Hydroponics Vertical Farming system

The consumer systems allow the grower to grow up to 45 full size plants in a 13 square foot area. The systems boast water control valves for greater control of water flow, the ability to be connected to a water timer, and the ability to be used hydroponically with fish! The system is the perfect small growing system for the back yard or porch!

Edward Vakser goes on to say “we are excited to be launching this product and for a limited time From July 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023 Auri Inc will be matching buyers of the system with up to $250 of Auri Token for every purchase!’

About The Patents Acquisition

Auri Inc. has signed an acquisition agreement with Apex Farms Corp which is in the middle of liquidation of its remaining assets for the 2 US patents No.’s 9,795,097 and 10,004,188. The company has paid common shares for said patents. However Apex Farms Corp. had several negotiable terms set forth in the contract to bring more value to AURI in the process.

  1. Buyer agrees to retire 1 billion shares from the O/S within 30 days of close of this agreement.
  2. Buyer agrees to not issue more shares through the Regulation A+ tier 1 post date of May 23, 2023
  3. Buyer agrees to comply and produce PCAOB Audits within 160 days of May 23, 2023
  4. Buyer agrees after closing the Regulation A+ Tier 1 the Authorized shares will be reduced to 3 billion or less but can be raised again for an S-1 Registration.

About patent No.s 9,795,097 and 10,004,188

These patents were invented by Justin Williams and Alexander M. Woods-Leo and the venture started in 2013. The patents are in reference to A-Frame technology and are primarily designed as Outdoor/Indoor systems. The goal of this technology was to allow farmers to buy 1 row and scale up as the farmer made money from the system without having to buy an entire indoor facility. However the system was designed to be optimal in greenhouses.

Auri Inc. wishes to explain the patents at the time of closing are owned by Apex Farms Corp.

About Auri Inc.

AURI Inc. as good as gold! The Company was formed by a group of investors whose talents and interests were based in Production, Content Development, Audio/Visual Presentations, Intellectual Properties Development, and acquisitions, as well as oil and gas and real estate investments. The company launched its own Cryptocurrency, www.Auritoken.io and has licensed its Art Inventory at nft/blackdracos.com. The management is based around seasoned corporate officers, directors, and consultants who are experienced in management and mergers/acquisitions of multimillion-dollar companies. The company’s plan and concept were developed and based around a plan of acquiring and developing High-End Art and Reproductions, backed by AURI Gold Crypto Currency, focusing AURI INC to become a Publisher and Licensor as well as NFT developer. Then, retaining the duplication and reproduction rights, on an exclusive basis, in order to sell and distribute the products worldwide. The company and management believe that they can create, sustain and grow one of the largest art publishing companies in the world. AURI Inc. also owns a “wholly owned subsidiary”: EVAP Inc. Evap Inc. has patent-pending technology to assist with one of the biggest issues in the oil and gas industry, “PRODUCED WATER”. The technology can take produced saltwater and turn it into a steam cleaner than most cities’ tap water by removing most of the metals and suspended solids.

Safe Harbor Statement:

This release includes “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Certain statements set forth in this press release constitute “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements include, without limitation, any statement that may predict, forecast, indicate, or imply future results, performance or achievements, and may contain the words “estimate”, “project”, “intend”, “forecast”, “anticipate”, “plan”, “planning”, “expect”, “believe”, “will likely”, “should”, “could”, “would”, “may” or words or expressions of similar meaning. Such statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the company’s actual results and financial position to differ materially from those included within the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including those relating to the Company’s ability to grow its business. Actual results may differ materially from the results predicted and reported results should not be considered as an indication of future performance. The potential risks and uncertainties include, among others, the Company’s limited operating history, the limited financial resources, and domestic or global economic conditions — activities of competitors and the presence of new or additional competition and conditions of equity markets.

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