Mankato, Minnesota, May 16, 2024 – PRISM MediaWire – Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Feed Earth Now, LLC.  The consummation of this transaction is a significant step forward in DUTV’s mission to leverage innovative, organic products to address global fertilizer shortages through the advancement of regenerative agriculture principles. Mark K. Gaalswyk, the enterprising DUTV CEO behind this initiative, will lead the newly consolidated entity, bringing his vast experience and innovation to the forefront.  Cathy Scratch, the visionary founder of Feed Earth Now, will continue in her capacity as CEO of  that subsidiary. Ron Doetch, Senior Agronomist, will continue in his role as head of Research & Development for Feed Earth Now.

Feed Earth Now, LLC is focused on microbial soil amendment  technology, and this merger presents a significant opportunity for DUTV to transform the regenerative agriculture movement by offering innovative solutions for soil, water, and air quality. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to improve water quality without hurting crop production,” said DUTV CEO Mark Gaalswyk.  “We have a true solution to the growing nitrate runoff problem that is plaguing our rivers and streams…an environmentally sound solution that still protects the important interests of our nation’s farmers”.

Terreplenish® is USDA certified and a CDFA registered organic solution that embodies the true spirit of regenerative agriculture by allowing soil, water, and the atmosphere to have a symbiotic relationship.

As a waste and recycling consultant, Founder Cathy Scratch saw first-hand the food waste generated daily and going into landfills.  Terreplenish was developed from her realization that recycled food combined with the correct microbes offered a regenerative solution that improves and sustains the environment on every level.  “An analogy I like to use is what probiotics do for the performance of the human body, Terreplenish® does for soil. Regenerative agriculture, in conjunction with Terreplenish®, creates a diverse environment where microbes flourish and allows carbon molecules and other nutrients to be absorbed back into the soil. This process continues to regenerate the soil…reversing decades of chemical toxicity…allowing the soil to sustain itself naturally.”

Bill Bliler, Director of Business Development, stated: “This is a unique opportunity to expand our product offering and work in tandem with agriculture co-ops and rural suppliers  to produce our proprietary certified microbial solution locally with our fully automatic Easy FEN modular system (patents pending.)  It will do so while also dramatically improving the profitability of the local ag coop.  No matter what part of the country…or what part of the world…a grower is located, we can be a local solution for increasing your production, lowering your costs, enhancing environmental compatibility and keeping significant profits in rural communities.”

Aside from the benefit to over 100 different grain crops, fruit, and vegetables…extensive tests have shown Terreplenish® to be effective in the treatment of food & crop compost…accelerating decomposition while substantially reducing odor and the release of methane gas.  The remaining usable compost exhibits available nitrogen level increases of up to 50%…while pH levels are lowered and valuable moisture is retained.

CEO Mark Gaalswyk further states: “This is a transformative moment for DUTV. By combining the forces of the various entities, we are significantly enhancing our capabilities to deliver innovative solutions on a global scale. Our shared vision for a sustainable future drives us to continuously develop technologies that can address the world’s most pressing issues.  As we move forward, our focus will remain on driving innovation, expanding our reach, and making a meaningful impact. We look forward to working with our shareholders, partners, and the global community throughout this exciting journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.”

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