Dover, DE, November 20, 2023 – In a strategic response to the evolving AI landscape, Metatron Apps Inc., (OTC: MRNJ), adeptly addresses a crucial market demand with its suite of AI applications. This move comes in the wake of an announcement on November 14th by Sam Altman, then CEO of OpenAI, stating that due to high demand, ChatGPTplus would temporarily pause new sign-ups. However, continues to offer unparalleled access to advanced AI technologies. Leveraging OpenAI’s licensed technology, Metatron’s applications are freely available to the public, presenting a compelling and accessible alternative during the ChatGPTplus hiatus.

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In the wake of paused sign-ups for ChatGPTplus, Metatron Apps Inc. emerges as a compelling alternative, harnessing the power of ChatGPT through direct licensing from OpenAI. This strategic move enhances their expansive range of AI-driven services, tailored under the banner of “AI for All.” Metatron’s commitment to making AI accessible and practical for everyone is evident in their suite of innovative services.

Historically, Metatron has been a dominant force in the mobile app development sector, boasting a legacy of over 1,000 applications. These apps have achieved significant sales and downloads, demonstrating Metatron’s capability in capturing market trends and consumer interests. Their experience in app development sets a solid foundation for integrating advanced AI technologies.

The centerpiece of their AI service expansion is StockTrendz, a sophisticated analytic tool offering real-time market sentiment analysis. This tool exemplifies Metatron’s ability to leverage AI in creating cutting-edge solutions for complex market dynamics. Additionally, their service suite includes a variety of tools aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity. These include an advanced AI content creation platform, a Text-to-Video service that transforms written narratives into engaging visual content, and LegalEaze, an initiative designed to demystify legal jargon for laypeople.

Another notable feature is Image Adapt, a tool capable of generating diverse variations from a single digital image. This, along with other services like AI art generation and blog writing, underlines Metatron’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of AI applications. These tools are crafted to be user-friendly, catering to both industry veterans and newcomers, ensuring that the transformative power of AI is within reach for every user.

For investors, Metatron represents a unique opportunity in the AI space. As potentially the only OTC-traded company offering a suite of live, revenue-generating AI app services, Metatron stands out in the marketplace. Their approach to integrating ChatGPT technology with a range of practical, innovative features makes them an attractive investment option. By bridging their proven track record in app development with the latest advancements in AI, Metatron is well-positioned to lead in the evolving landscape of AI technology and application.

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Positioned at the cutting edge of AI solutions, Metatron Apps offers a holistic platform brimming with AI tools designed for operational excellence, process enhancement, and boundless creativity. Innovation at Metatron is a relentless pursuit, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to navigate the digital world.


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