Dover, DE, October 2, 2023 – In a series of groundbreaking announcements, Metatron Apps Inc., (OTC: MRNJ) underlines its position as a pioneer in the evolving AI landscape and mobile app development. The company is well-poised to generate significant interest with its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, aiming to redefine productivity and creativity in the digital age.

Metatron Apps has unveiled an all-encompassing AI-powered content creation platform that promises speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, an essential resource for businesses seeking to optimize content production and maximize ROI. The platform’s remarkable capability to produce content at accelerated speeds is not its only forte; the cost savings realized when compared to traditional content creation methods underscore Metatron’s value proposition.

In the realm of content transformation, Metatron’s forthcoming Text-to-Video service is a game-changer. This innovation is not only set to transform how content is presented and shared but is also a testament to Metatron’s relentless pursuit of innovation. The feature promises to convert text-based content into engaging video formats efficiently, marking a significant stride in content accessibility and audience engagement.

Adding another feather to its cap, Metatron proudly announces a strategic alliance with, a move set to amplify creativity and accelerate project completion. This partnership epitomizes the synergy of expertise and innovation, promising a suite of tools that amalgamate efficiency and creativity, a boon for agencies, content creators, and businesses.

On the technological front, the unveiling of LegalEaze exemplifies Metatron’s commitment to breaking barriers. This innovative service, part of the platform, is designed to demystify complex legal communications, making legal documents and processes accessible and understandable, a significant step towards universal clarity in legal matters.

In the gaming and blockchain sphere, a collaborative venture with HempCoin THC blockchain is set to introduce a cutting-edge mobile game. Combining AI and blockchain technology, players will embark on an entrepreneurial journey to build a cannabis empire. This game promises not just entertainment but an educational insight into the cannabis business landscape, reflecting the evolving regulatory environment.

Metatron Apps’ robust financial health, marked by the substantial paydown of its debt and convertible notes, underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to growth and innovation. It stands as a testament to prudent financial management and a promising future, elements that are likely to pique the interest of savvy investors and traders.

As Metatron continues to soar in the AI-driven solutions space, its blend of innovation, strategic partnerships, and financial stability underscores its potential as a lucrative opportunity for investors. With AI at the forefront of technological evolution, Metatron Apps is not just participating in the revolution – it’s leading it.

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Metatron Apps is a leader in AI-driven solutions, offering a comprehensive all-in-one platform equipped with a suite of AI tools designed to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and drive creativity. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you have the tools your company need to excel in the digital age.


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