NEW YORK, NY, September 19, 2023 -Publicly-held Natural Harmony Foods, Inc. (OTC: NHYF) (the Company) announces that following the change of control to Mr. Claudio Solitario, announced recently, the Company is now on a transformative path, signaling a compelling strategic direction.  The Company’s transition under Claudio’s leadership signifies a dynamic shift towards innovation and growth, underpinned by his extensive knowledge and experience in medical technology and intellectual property development and commercialization. 

Mr. Claudio Solitario

The Power of Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Healthcare

Central to NHYF’s transformation is its commitment to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare.  AI-driven medical technology is set to revolutionize the field, promising faster, more accurate diagnoses; personalized treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes.  AI’s potential to transform the medical field is undeniable, offering promise of more efficient and effective healthcare for all.  The Company will be at the forefront of this exciting advancement in medical technology focusing on the development of AI-powered screening methods and to this end, is forming strategic partnerships in an effort to co-develop the following: 

  • Life-Saving Innovation: AI-based intellectual property for the fast and early identification of life threatening pulmonary embolisms using CAT scan detection software.  A pulmonary embolism is a medical emergency; it may be fatal causing death.  Pulmonary embolism affects around 900,000 people in the U.S. every year[1].  The AI-powered technology aims to improve the radiologic processing time and reading performance during emergency evaluations. 
  • Facial Analysis to objectively screen for PTSD: AI-based facial analysis technology to objectively screen for post-traumatic stress disorder.  The technology will analyze and interpret facial data, the result of which will be seen immediately by the user – with an option of sending it to their medical practitioner.  This innovative approach will empower individuals and their healthcare providers to proactively manage mental health.  The incidence of mental illness in the USA is well known; and the cost is estimated at $300Billion annually[2].  A quick and objective assessment of PTSD is required by patients and healthcare professionals alike. 
  • Evolution in Evaluation and Treatment of Pain Management: A breakthrough new AI program (Chatbot) to simulate conversation with individuals suffering from chronic pain.  The program will be designed to immediately address the pain sufferer’s acute and chronic pain and provide viable options to consider as they search for a medical personnel who has the appropriate expertise.  It will also create a written dialogue that can be reviewed by medical practitioners and may become an integral part of the pain sufferer’s comprehensive pain management plan.  This breakthrough AI-based technology, under the guidance of Dr. Robert Lawrence, a retired Neurologist with PhDs in Nuclear Physics and Biomedical Engineering, along with MS Degrees in Computer Science and Pharmacology, will be a game-changer for the over 51 million Americans (over 20% of the adult population[3]) affected by chronic pain.  

AI’s capacity to process vast volumes of data positions it as a pivotal tool in the aid to diagnosis across diverse medical domains.  By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze vast amounts of medical data, from patient records to medical images and by identifying patterns and insights that may escape human detection.  This capability can lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.  Importantly, AI-powered technologies can also enhance patient engagement, provide 24/7 support and help individuals manage their health proactively. 

Innovative Nutritional Wellness Solutions for Early Revenue Opportunity

NHYF’s vision extends beyond AI, encompassing innovative nutraceutical solutions. The company is poised to launch an anti-anxiety product – the first of its nutritional supplements that can be added to medical protocols for the long-term management of anxiety.  The formula was scientifically designed as an active dietary supplement to nutritionally support the body’s inherent abilities to positively respond to stressful conditions.  It will address the needs of the great many people who are searching for natural supplements that may help address symptoms associated with their anxiety.  David Anderson MD, a highly respected U.S. medical school-associated research physician will ensure all claims and presentations are maximized whilst complying with Regulatory Agency Guidelines.    

The market for nutraceuticals in the USA has been experiencing robust growth, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the link between diet, health, and wellness.  With a growing emphasis on preventive healthcare, the demand for dietary supplements and functional foods that offer potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition continues to expand, creating a dynamic landscape for the Company’s nutraceutical businesses to flourish.

Change of OTC Market Company Status

The transition of the Company’s business to the development of medical technology and the commercialization of wellness products will require a higher level of corporate governance and transparency.  To this end the Company is working towards a change of status from Pink to OTCQB. 

Speaking on behalf of the Company, newly appointed CEO, Mr. Claudio Solitario said: ” We are excited to embark on this transformative journey.  AI is fast becoming an important tool in the quest for faster and more accurate diagnoses.  Our mission is to leverage AI to enhance health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.  We also look forward to launching our pioneering anti-anxiety formula, the first of our nutraceutical products.  The market demand for nutraceuticals is significant and growing, representing an early revenue opportunity for the Company.  The path ahead is exciting and we look forward to keeping shareholders abreast of progress in the coming weeks and months”.




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Natural Harmony Foods Inc. (NHYF) aims to enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by developing cutting-edge AI-powered methods to aid in the diagnosis of medical conditions. These methods enable early, accurate screening, contributing to quicker and more effective treatment. NHYF focuses on developing AI-based screening techniques for medical conditions, capitalizing on the growing role of AI in clinical practice. Additionally, NHYF acknowledges the thriving nutraceutical market’s potential and plans to enter it for early revenue, benefiting from the growing emphasis on natural approaches and the demand for dietary supplements that offer potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The demand for nutraceuticals continues to expand, creating a dynamic landscape for NHYF’s nutraceutical businesses to flourish.

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