NEW YORK, NY, February 05, 2024 – Publicly held Natural Harmony Foods, Inc. (OTC: NHYF) (“the Company”) is pleased to announce today that, subject to FINRA’s approval, it will change its name to SYNBIO INTERNATIONAL INC. This new name signals the Company’s new strategic direction and better reflects its business operations.

The new name is a portmanteau of “Syn” (meaning “together”) and “Bio” (having to do with life), reflecting the Company’s dual strategy outlined below. In addition, for the brand mark, the Company has developed an interpretation of the rod of Asclepius, using a vine in place of the serpent.

Central to the Company’s operations is its commitment to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare.  AI’s potential to transform the medical field is undeniable, offering promise of more efficient and effective healthcare for all.  However, the Company’s vision extends beyond AI, encompassing innovative nutraceutical solutions.  The Company’s nutraceutical formulas are scientifically designed to nutritionally support the body’s inherent abilities to positively respond to health conditions and will address the needs of the great many people who are searching for natural remedies for their health and wellness.    

The Company’s name change represents the intrinsic link between cutting edge AI medical technology and its focus on developing natural remedies for better health and wellness outcomes.

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About Natural Harmony Foods Inc.

Natural Harmony Foods Inc. (NHYF) aims to enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by developing cutting-edge AI-powered methods to aid in the diagnosis of medical conditions. These methods enable early, accurate screening, contributing to quicker and more effective treatment. NHYF focuses on developing AI-based screening techniques for medical conditions, capitalizing on the growing role of AI in clinical practice. Additionally, NHYF acknowledges the thriving nutraceutical market’s potential and plans to enter it for early revenue, benefiting from the growing emphasis on natural approaches and the demand for dietary supplements that offer potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The demand for nutraceuticals continues to expand, creating a dynamic landscape for NHYF’s nutraceutical businesses to flourish.

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