CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 18, 2024 – In a groundbreaking development heralding a new era of digital transactions, Peer To Peer Network (OTC: PTOP) (“PTOP”) is thrilled to announce the completion of its cutting-edge Smart Contracts platform. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in the realm of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

Smart Contracts, powered by state-of-the-art blockchain technology, revolutionize traditional agreements by executing predefined actions automatically when specific conditions are met. These self-executing contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries, streamlining processes and enhancing security and efficiency.

“Our team has dedicated countless hours to perfecting our Smart Contracts platform, and we are proud to unveil its completion today,” said Nicholis Santana, Tech Team Leader at Peer To Peer Network. “This achievement represents a culmination of innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to empowering individuals and businesses with seamless, trustless transactions.”

The benefits of Smart Contracts are manifold. By leveraging blockchain’s immutable ledger and cryptographic security, they offer unparalleled transparency, reducing the risk of fraud and manipulation. Additionally, their automated execution minimizes errors and disputes, saving both time and resources.

Completing our Smart Contracts for the MOBICOIN™ platform Peer To Peer Network reaffirms its position at the forefront of technological innovation. As we continue to explore new applications and integrations, we remain dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and unlocking its transformative potential across industries.

This now marks that all code for the rewards token MOBICOIN™ has been completed. Once we get proper legal guidance for implementation and a legal opinion is completed, we can launch the MOBICOIN™ token. In addition, all smart contracts have been completed. The smart contracts contain all functionality for PTOP’s MOBICOIN™ reward token to integrate the utility with MOBICARD™1.5. We will launch the token and begin integrating the smart contracts with the MOBICARD™ app once legal is ready and after a 30-day Beta test that started yesterday is completed. MOBICARD™ will officially be a Web 3.0 application and will allow us to continue expanding and innovating in the blockchain space.

A brief update in regards to yesterday’s app release for MOBICARD™ 1.5. This is an open beta test version of the app. We would greatly appreciate the feedback to improve the user experience. We have added a feedback form to the application, located at the bottom of the side menu. Refer to the image below to find the feedback form. (You need to hit the menu 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner of the app, and then as shown in the graphic below, hit the “Submit Feedback” text).

Additionally, any problems, bugs, or comments can be emailed directly to

“This is another step toward completing our strategic objectives. Soon, I will not be talking about the MOBICOIN but will be showing you the new improved reward token”, concluded Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO.

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