HGI Industrial Technologies, a company with a strategic agreement with Premier Graphene Inc., has secured one of only three commercial permits for industrial hemp cultivation in Mexico. Test results are outstanding – revealing the material to be stronger, lighter, and faster to process, leading to the production of a superior end product. This marks a significant step in bringing disruptive technology to the construction industry

Imperial Valley, CA, May 13, 2024PRISM MediaWire – Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC: BIEI), in conjunction with HGI Industrial Technologies LLC, which has now acquired the third commercial industrial hemp license in Mexico, is embracing the native resources of Mexico and the United States in the research and production of unique graphene-based products to satisfy massive consumer needs ranging from construction to aerospace and the medical field.

As previously reported, recent studies conducted by an independent state-approved lab in Baja California, Mexico, have confirmed the strategic advantages of industrial hemp-produced graphene additive in hydraulic concrete. The results surpassed even our expectations.

28 days of testing confirms what we have known to be correct: HGI’s IP special blend product has proven to be lighter, stronger, and now possesses sustained durability required as a high standard of the industry. It has withstood a month of stress and has yielded a 25% improvement in the strength of the final product. This is up from 14% after 14 days. This will translate into huge industry cost-savings, including reduced structural support requirements and improved longevity for building products.

The drying time is reduced, inevitably leading to shorter project completion times, which may result in further cost savings and financial benefits beyond our expectations. Additionally, hemp-based graphene can be dissolved in water, presenting a significant advantage in the world of concrete construction. Traditionally, concrete is mixed with a variety of materials we colloquially refer to as ‘gunk,’ essentially comprising a hodgepodge of materials and extremely expensive additives aimed at enhancing strength and preventing cracking of the concrete under extreme temperatures or structural overloads. This material often leads to mechanical issues with the mixers, resulting in high maintenance and repair costs, most of which can be eliminated with the finer, lighter mixtures enabled by this exciting technology.

Thanks to the recent recognition, as highlighted in https://www.graphene-info.com/premier-graphene-announces-positive-test-results-its-graphene-enhanced-concrete, and prior to this announcement, the publication of the final composite testing results, we have been contacted by a number of interested companies.

HGI and Premier Graphene Inc, working “mano a mano,” have engaged the engineering group to confirm the next set of improvements in asphalt and steel. We, along with the engineers, believe that these materials will experience similar enhancements in building quality, strength, longevity, and weight.

HGI Industrial Technologies LLC’s approach is twofold: first, to focus on specific industrial hemp cultivars, and secondly, to utilize a portion of the hemp plant that is normally discarded by other growers, thus aiding in waste management, CO2 capture, and achieving a zero-carbon footprint. It’s important to emphasize that HGI Industrial Technologies LLC retains all intellectual property rights over these groundbreaking products, as outlined in recital 6 of the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE AGREEMENT between Premier Graphene Inc BIEI and HGI Industrial Technologies LLC, which came into effect on the 21st of February, 2023, ensuring their continued development and protection in the market. Premier Graphene Inc., BIEI, has shared distribution rights in the U.S.

“This is the conclusion of many years of hard work. I would like to express my gratitude to HGI IT and my family for their unwavering support throughout the years. A very special thanks goes to Premier Graphene Inc.’s investors for believing in me, their patience, and for allowing us to reach our goals. Additionally, I extend a big thank you to the CEO of Clear Asset Holdings for his invaluable advice,” states Premier President Pedro Mendez.



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About Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI), engaged in a holding company reorganization so that the parent company, renamed from “Premier Biomedical Inc.”, has almost no convertible debentures (less than $20,000) outstanding. As a result, the successor issuer public company, Premier Graphene, Inc., has nearly no debt. The predecessor issuer’s debt remains in the original company, now a subsidiary of the publicly traded company. The Company is traded on the OTC Market, in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements. Premier Graphene, Inc. is in the process of a single corporate action – changing its name with FINRA and thus OTC Markets. It is involved in the development of sophisticated products utilizing the unique characteristics of graphene, partnering with various related corporations and unrelated corporations.

About HGI Industrial Technologies LLC

HGI Industrial Technologies LLC formerly known as HGI Pharma Inc, was founded in 2016 as a non-profit with the Name of Healing Green which was incorporated in the state of California.

HGI Industrial Technologies LLC is owned by the Mendez family and they have a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC: BIEI). It’s an agreement of mutual collaboration that aims to make both companies stronger.

HGI Industrial Technologies S.A de P.I is a Mexican based S Corp that is majority owned by HGI Industrial Technologies LLC.  Focused on industrial hemp production. HGI Industrial Technologies S.A de P.I currently holds the 3rd national permits to grow, process, transform, import and export products made out-of Industrial hemp.

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SOURCE: Premier Graphene, Inc.

$BIEI Premier Graphene, Inc., formerly Premier Biomedical Inc. (OTC: BIEI), announces major news in Mexico with our friends at HGI Industrial Technologies S.A de P.I and an advancement in its Graphene Enhanced Concretehttps://newsroom.prismmediawire.com/318131-premier-graphene-inc-formerly-premier-biomedical-inc-otc-biei-announces-major-news-in-mexico-with-our-friends-at-hgi-industrial-technologies-sa-de-pi-and-an-advancement-in-its-graphene-enhanced-concrete

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