Adding Premier Graphene’s Partner Company HGI Industrial Technologies’ Graphene Suspension Samples Makes Concrete Greener, Stronger, Reduces Curing Time, Increases Durability, Reduces Maintenance and a Substantial Reduction in Concrete Material Costs

EL CENTRO, Calif., July 8, 2024 –Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI), announced today that it shipped HGI’S proprietary graphene suspension test samples to one of the largest essential materials companies in the world for use in concrete. This essential materials company is adding graphene samples to concrete to confirm the game changing improved qualities of this concrete as measured by HGI’s in-house tests. Premier Graphene Inc. has exclusive distribution rights in the United States for this high-quality, economically viable graphene, as well as all graphene colloids and graphene suspensions created by HGI.

Cement is the essential ingredient of concrete. Concrete is made by combining water, cement and aggregates (such as sand and gravel) to make the most essential building material throughout the world. By adding the graphene suspension samples to the concrete mixture, the improved characteristics have the potential to universally change the characteristics of concrete by making concrete greener, stronger, while reducing curing time, increasing durability and reducing maintenance, resulting in a substantial reduction in concrete material costs.

With almost 8,000 employees, with a dominant distribution system in North America including almost 800 operating locations, this worldwide leader in the aggregate and cement business presents an extraordinary opportunity for Premier and HGI. With over a century of operational expertise and a public market value exceeding $50 billion USD, Premier Graphene’s potential partner leads North America in sustainable construction materials, road contracting, and building products sales.

This interest was prompted by the independent laboratory’s reported 32% increase in compression strength over standard concrete at 28 days. The laboratory tested concrete reduced concrete porosity, enhanced durability, while reducing the amount of cement and concrete used based on a ratio of concrete/square foot. The reduction of concrete using the concrete enhanced with HGI’s graphene has the potential to significantly reduce construction costs by reducing the ratio of cement in future hydraulic cement mixes.

Graphene, renowned as one of the most valuable materials globally, holds promise across diverse applications including construction, medical fields, electric vehicle batteries, and environmental remediation. Several months ago, HGI Industrial Technologies, with assistance from Premier Graphene, initiated testing of HGI’s proprietary graphene suspensions designed to enhance cement’s structural properties. Initial trials demonstrated a significant reduction in carbon emissions—up to 30% less compared to conventional cement—by incorporating graphene, which could potentially mitigate 5% of global carbon emissions linked to cement production.

Moreover, in just seven days HGI’s proprietary graphene suspensions facilitated a 15% increase in compression strength over standard concrete, alongside reduced concrete porosity, enhancing durability. That disparity in strength over conventional concrete increased to 25.6% after 14 days and to 32% when tested after 28 days! After the results of the test were known, a special group consisting of the company’s top engineers within their divisions held an hour(s) long Zoom call meeting and presentation with top Premier Graphene personnel including President Pedro Mendez, CTO Gustavo Carreño and CMO Dr. Richard Goulding to discuss sales, marketing and distribution plans.

Pedro Mendez, President of Premier Graphene, remarked, “We are thrilled by the interest in our graphene suspension samples. Our internal tests have confirmed multiple advantages that position our green cement product strongly in the market. These include increased strength with reduced cement usage, substantial carbon footprint reduction, and enhanced durability. Next step/application – asphalt, and metal alloys”.

Mr. Mendez continued, “We anticipate strong market adoption driven by our cost-effective graphene production methods and established, remarkable efficacy. Our strategy encompasses both graphene colloids for customized mixing by manufacturers and the development of graphene-based products like epoxies and lubricants. This phased approach minimizes capital expenditures while maximizing product innovation.”

About Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI):

Premier Graphene partner HGI Industrial Technologies LLC has created a proprietary, scalable method to create high-quality, low-cost graphene out of industrial hemp. The company plans on creating proprietary graphene colloids that can address billion-dollar markets such as the cement industry. The Company also enjoys the capacity to create proprietary best-in-class graphene-enhanced lubricants and epoxies. The Company’s initial roll out will focus on markets that will require small capital expenditures. For example and in the case of the cement industry, the company will sell its graphene suspensions to existing multi-national cement manufacturers.

Premier is engaged in a holding company reorganization so that the parent company, renamed from “Premier Biomedical Inc.”, has almost no convertible debentures (less than $20,000) outstanding. As a result, the successor issuer public company, Premier Graphene, Inc., has nearly no debt. The predecessor issuer’s debt remains in the original company, now a subsidiary of the publicly traded company. The Company is traded on the OTC Market, in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements. Premier Graphene, Inc. is in the process of a single corporate action – changing its name with FINRA and thus OTC Markets. It is involved in the development of sophisticated products utilizing the unique characteristics of graphene, partnering with various related corporations and unrelated corporations.


Pedro Mendez

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