DRYWORLD Brands: Penetrating the Market Through Game-Changing Performance Apparel

New York, April 26, 2024 – PRISM MarketView – The athletic apparel sector has undergone significant evolution, with the convergence of fashion and functionality becoming increasingly vital for both athletes and everyday consumers. As athleisure cements its status as a staple, demand for athleticwear brands has surged, offering versatile, multifunctional styles that deliver both aesthetic appeal and performance enhancements. This trend not only caters to the growing consumer appetite for comfort and style but also meets the needs of athletes seeking to optimize their performance.

DRYWORLD Brands (OTC: IBGR) has carved a niche in this competitive market with its cutting-edge, performance-oriented athletic apparel. Its signature products utilize innovative technology developed over a rigorous 13-year R&D process, and are designed to keep athletes dry and comfortable, even in adverse conditions.  As a global brand, DRYWORLD adopts a unique approach to gaining market share by drawing inspiration from the world of sports, fashion and music to create innovative, superior quality gear for the athlete in all of us.

We spoke to Brian McKenzie, DRYWORLD Brands Co-CEO, to find out more.

DRYWORLD’s “For Athletes. By Athletes.” mantra is a true testament to the business and its beginnings. Can you share how the company began and the products that shaped your initial vision?

DRYWORLD’s Co-CEO, Matt Weingart and I met as roommates on a Canadian Rugby tour in 2006. Training in the rain made cold, wet feet a pain point that led us to create a product that would keep athletes’ feet warm and dry in bad weather. In 2011, DRYWORLD was incorporated and after two years of R&D at the top sports science lab in Canada, our first product, DRYFEET, was created. The product made its debut in the Canadian Football League (CFL) in 2013. Three other signature products were developed during this time as well:Aggression Apparel, BIOSKYN and BareFuta. These products feature our innovative, trade secret technology designed to keep athletes dry, enhance performance and stabilize the body to help prevent injury. Today, DRYWORLD is a global brand with a presence in over 53 countries and counting.

Trends have shifted in apparel as the “casual/relaxed look” becomes more common. Especially after the pandemic, athleisure seems to be a category of clothing that is shifting from trendsetting to permanent. This bodes well for DRYWORLD to not only be sought after by athletes but also by those who consider premium quality athletic clothing a part of their daily wardrobe. What does the market size and opportunity look like?

We believe the athleisure lifestyle is here to stay and that athletes will continue to seek out high performance quality gear to help them stay at the top of their game. Athletic brands have seen steadily growing revenue over the last decade, due to increasing interest in healthy lifestyles and the athleisure trend. According to Statista, the activewear market in 2022 was estimated to be $379.77Bn, globally. It is expected to grow to $455.42Bn by 2027, a $75Bn projected increase. Our ability to operate globally attracts the opportunity for increased market share.

You play in an arena that touts the athletic competitive giants such as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Lululemon. Tell us how you compete in such a busy space.

We match ourselves with those names through our Aggression line which is the most comparable of the signature products we’ve developed. In terms of moisture wicking, fast drying, and breathable qualities, DRYWORLD and its competitors all possess these basic characteristics in their comparable products. DRYWORLD sets itself apart by offering the highest quality in materials and design, including premium eco-friendly material, graduated compression, 2.5” waistband providing core support, extended torso with silicon beaded hem, and a posture correcting exoskeleton seam. These features not only promote athletic performance but inhibit injury through simple lightweight design with DRYWORLD’s technology.

In addition to showcasing your hustle by competing with the likes of big athleticwear names, you’ve secured some impressive partnerships. Can you speak about some of these and their impact on the company?

Our flagship partnership is with former Brazilian professional footballer, Ronaldino who is considered the best player of his generation and is beloved globally. We are proud and excited to have now shipped his collection to buyers in 36 countries. We’ve partnered with New Zealand Super Rugby teams, Olympic athletes, and the PFC Beroe soccer team. In addition, we have multiple NCAA NIL partnerships, including Braden Smith, point guard for Purdue University’s men’s basketball team and Trente Jones, Offensive Tackle for the University of Michigan’s men’s football team. We currently have over 50 Ambassador, Team and League partnerships, worldwide.

Can you discuss how DRYWORLD’s partnerships reflect the brand’s understanding of the interconnectedness of fashion, sports, and streetwear cultures?

At DRYWORLD, we recognize that the realms of fashion, sports, and streetwear are not just interconnected—they’re interdependent. This understanding informs our strategic partnerships that extend beyond the traditional realm of sports figures to include influential entertainers and cultural icons. Our recent partnership with Renegade Territory, a leader in bridging music, entertainment, global multicultural audiences and consumer brands, will help propel this initiative. We see our brand as part of a broader lifestyle that resonates across these dynamic sectors. By collaborating with diverse personalities from different industries, we aim to embody and promote a lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of consumers who appreciate the fusion of high-performance athletic wear with the cutting-edge trends of streetwear and entertainment. This approach allows us to stay at the forefront of not only athletic apparel but also global fashion trends.

Can you tell us more about your Ambassador Program, its advantages, and how you see it furthering your business model? Is this something that is a long-term revenue generation component or more of an influencer-guided approach to help you emerge further into the market?

The Ambassador Program has been a critical component in revenue generation for DRYWORLD, and was a direct contributor to the 227% increase in our e-commerce revenues from January 2023 to January 2024. Our next quarterly report will provide an update on the revenue this program has contributed to our bottom line. While marketing expenses for traditional companies can be exorbitant, DRYWORLD’s business model utilizes the Ambassador Program to help mitigate this typically hefty cost. As a newer and fresh approach to branding, the utilization of “influencer marketing” has a penetrative reach that generated $16.5Bn in 2022, according to Statista. Our Ambassadors are characterized as athletes, entertainers, and health and wellness enthusiasts who have the opportunity to earn restricted equity in the company and affiliated commission, based on meeting required performance metrics set out by DRYWORLD. So far, it has been beneficial to not only our e-commerce revenue generation, but also to growing our brand and furthering our reach.

Let’s touch a bit on company financials. You recently released a corporate update including discussion about an upcoming audited financial release, ticker change and some revenue numbers among other initiatives you have executed and are striving toward. Can you provide any additional information to this update and what investors may expect in the near future?

Our audit is well underway and remains a top priority for us. We are working closely with our auditor Fruci and Associates and we expect the audit to be completed shortly after we have finalized inventory count. Once the audit is complete, we can accelerate other key corporate initiatives, such as a ticker change and preparing for uplisting to be more in alignment with our company and brand. We will be providing recent financial information in our upcoming quarterly report.  As our 13 years of dedication and personal sacrifice have demonstrated, we are committed to being fully transparent in all our operations and communications.

Let’s finish off what has been a very informative interview with a different kind of question that may shine some light on you, personally. What skills have you taken off the rugby field that have translated into the boardroom and your role as Co-CEO of a global company?

On the rugby field, we were trained to run as hard and as fast as we could into contact, which taught us courage and bravery. The sport involves making quick decisions, adapting your game plan based upon what you see in front of you. Playing rugby gave us the confidence to step off the field, into the boardroom to create our own global athletic brand. We continue to adapt to change and face adversity head on. Being born and bred competitors has galvanized our mindset to never quit or be afraid to compete against the other brands such as Nike, Adidas or Under Armour. We fear no one.


DRYWORLD is a premium performance sports brand offering innovative, superior quality apparel and gear for the athlete in all of us. We build purpose-driven products that give all athletes the edge. Engineered by athletes, proven by science. Visit dryworldshop.com


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