New York, December 21, 2023 – In two weeks, 2023 will be history so consider this your reminder to start figuring out a resolution that likely will be forgotten, by this time next year. New Years is celebrated in a multitude of ways based on geography, culture, or religion. However, unlike other holidays, it is one that is observed by mostly everyone around the world.

As always, PRISM has you covered as we close out the year and provide you with some “go-to” resolution ideas, highlight some fun traditions celebrated around the world and feature some stock plays to help you solidify your end of year portfolio – it may even allow you to prosperously ring in 2024!

Dishes and Diets

For those of you who are planning on the most obvious and least successfully executed resolution, we suggest celebrating with a Danish tradition that could help. In Denmark, people throw plates at their neighbors and friends’ door to celebrate the New Year. The larger the pile of broken dishes, the more luck you will have. We also think the less plates you have the greater chance you won’t cheat on that “fad diet” you’ll be committing to until February.

If you’d like to increase your chances of losing those pesky holiday cookie pounds, a fitness regimen may boost your success. Beachbody Company, Inc. (BODY) has traded down this year to ~$11 from its annual high in March when shares we priced ~$42. Most recently, the company announced a $5.3M registered direct offering for the purchase and sale of ~543K shares at $9.75/share. Hopefully the resolutioners will help shape up the stock’s share price as it is currently down ~67% YTD.

Rugs and Riches

After all the holiday shopping has commenced and you’ve bought more gifts for yourself than your loved ones, we suggest a fiscal-minded resolution. Create a budget, set a savings goal, build a game plan to attack any accumulated credit card debt and make an effort to follow PRISM MarketView to help you discover investment opportunities. Additionally, you may want to ring in 2024 the Romanian way by putting bills under your rug, before midnight, to help ensure that New Year prosperity.

Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) made its debut in the PRISM Emerging Next-Gen Tech Index in May of this year, when it was trading around $15. Today the share price is ~$43, up 238% YTD. The company utilizes AI in its lending platform that partners with banks and credit unions to provide loans, refinancings and debt consolidation. Most recently, the second largest credit union in western New York, High Point Federal has partnered with Upstart. If the Fed decides to stick to cutting rates by 75 bps in the new year, it may bode well for refinancings and overall loan rates.

Suitcases and Sights

Home for the holidays is always a nice place to be. However, Aunt Karen loses her charm after the third eggnog and grandpa’s repeated stories from World War II might make you a bit stir crazy after some quality time at home. A travel resolution might be for you. Plan your next getaway or pick some trips to check off your travel bucket list. To help, we recommend celebrating the end of this year in Latin American style. Common tradition is to pack a suitcase with items that resemble the type of trip you’d like to take. Then, walk around your home or block, carrying your luggage, to bring travel into 2024.

Vera Bradley’s (VRA) stock has performed well over the year and is trading up ~60% YTD. It started the year with a share price around $4.50 and is now trading close to $8/share even despite, a recent mixed third quarter earnings report. The company cited strong gross margin expansion, was cautious in its expense management but did cite some challenges in its sales for the quarter.

Countdowns and Crafts

If you’re already fit, rich and well-traveled, let us know if you’re single. For you perfect people, consider a “new hobby” resolution. Whatever it may be that you find most interesting, consider expounding on. Photography, painting, trying a new sport, learning a new language, or practicing a new musical instrument, may be some options to consider. Since you’re already fascinating enough, it’s best you celebrate this year in the good ol’-fashioned way so as not to make all your friends even more jealous of you. Ring it in by watching the big ball drop as you count down the seconds, to a new you.

For hobbyists looking to up their arts and crafts game, Cricut Inc. (CRCT) has a product to assist in enhancing your creativity. This year the stock ebbed and flowed starting the year with a price of ~$9 it rose close to $17 mid-June and has since traded off to ~$7/share. YTD, it is down ~30%. Last month, the company announced its third quarter earnings citing 16% growth in its total users, 11% growth in subscribers, its 19th consecutive quarter of profitability with a 1% decline in revenues.

So, bust open a bottle of that bubbly, and remember that however you approach the New Year and no matter what you decide to do in 2024, you have a clean slate to start your “new year, new you” mentality.

PRISM MarketView wishes you a very happy, healthy, and exceptionally prosperous, New Year – Cheers!

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