JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz Inc., adds Michel Verdy to its BOD, current CEO and Founder of VGlobal Partners and VGlobal Partners Vietnam

Clearwater, FL., January 16, 2024 – JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc. (OTC: SPZI), is pleased to announce another highly qualified member to the Board – Michel Verdy.

Michel Verdy is a Canadian businessman, Global Citizen, Investment Architect with an impressive personal and business background. From a Banker expertise he likes to say he paves more than 10,000 HNWI’s and their families’ ways to their Global Citizenship journey in Canada, USA and Europe. Michel has gained the trust of thousands of people spanning across industries and cultures across Asia, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia over the past 30 years.

After 9 years spent in the retail industry for major Canadian Department Chain Stores in 1978, Michel Verdy’s career in banking began in 1987, as Branch Manager with BMO and later in 1991 as an investment adviser, educator, and lecturer. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to join in 1993 Scotia McLeod – a subsidiary of Scotia Bank where he co-founded, managed, and marketed in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, the Quebec, and Canadian Immigrant Investor Programs. His achievements have been impressive, reaching in the first months of operations and maintaining more than 25% of market shares. In May 2000, Michel played an important instrumental role restructuring, managing, and marketing the Immigrant Investor Programs division of the largest Québec independent Investment Dealer. In May 2006, Michel was recruited by Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. (LBS), a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank Canada, to create the LBS Immigrant Investors Business Unit. Michel then moved to Beijing to open the Beijing LBS office and then he opened LBS offices in Shanghai and in Hong Kong. Michel made numerous conferences propelling LBS to number one status in the industry. During those past years, Michel has teamed up with the most experienced immigration agencies like Globevisa Group and Visas Consulting in China, Co-Invest in South Korea, Luby Group in Taiwan. Michel founded LBV & Partners in 2011, a Due Diligence specialist and consulting firm which became VGlobal Partners in January 2021 with offices in Hong Kong and HCMC in Vietnam. VGlobal Partners mission is to represent Governments, Immigrations products suppliers in SEA to empower the Immigrations Agency with expertise linked to the Canadian and US Business Immigration Programs. VGlobal Partners Vietnam (registered in 2021) expertise is in Business Consulting, Due Diligence, Immigration Programs, Marketing, Market Research, Investment Banking and M&A.

As a dynamic Accelerator for Entrepreneurs, VGP Vietnam since 2021 represents two Canadian Incubators and one Venture Capital for the Canada Start-up Visa Program. Additionally, VGP Vietnam is representing Atlanticorp Venture Capital Fund, a Portuguese close-end fund and DMD Ventures, a top franchise brands operator for the famous Shaquille O’Neil Big Chicken Restaurants Chain / Direct EB-5). Michel Verdy and CIG Partners Limited and CIG International have been developing major business projects since Quarter 2 2023.

In a business summary Michel has managed and facilitated over $3.7 billion USD since 1993 of direct investments in North of America.

Mr. Verdy is currently managing a boutique investment firm in both Hong Kong and Vietnam. He is currently focused on renewable energy and power plants in Vietnam. As an investment banker, he is working on Real estate private equity fund for the US and Canada. He will be launching new EB-5 projects for the Southeast market in 2024. VGlobal and CIG are working as a Strategic partner. Michel Verdy has always contributed as a volunteer for various community projects through Charity Clubs. Michel likes helping non-profit organizations with their fundraising activities. For the benefit of the poorest young generation, Michel Verdy was an active member of The Rotary International. The Network of Michel Verdy makes him a key resource for the Top Education Institutions, Governments / Immigration Programs Suppliers, Immigration Agencies, HNWI, Private or Public Enterprises who are seeking financing, skilled labor, and expert organization for their expansion in Vietnam where Michel is based since 2017, in Asia and Southeast Asia.

“Michel’s expertise as a Banker and representing various governments for key Immigration Programs will have a major impact towards the growth of JP3E and its EB-5 operations. Michel is already a partner with CIG Partners Limited and CIG International where they have already been developing major EB-5 business projects.” said John K. Park, Chairman and CEO of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc.

Considering our previous press releases, we believe it is important to note that Rolf Bela Wenz, Kisoo Kim, and Daniel Lee will also be board members of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc.

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