JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc., secured from the US Department of Homeland Security EB-5 Program EB-5 Regional Centers Qualifying it to Acquire CIG International

Clearwater, FL., January 19, 2024 – JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc. (OTC: SPZI), announces its CIG International (CIG) acquisition, as its wholly-owned subsidiary. JP 3E Holdings, through CIG secured its position with the US Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services. JP 3E accomplished this feat by providing financial support to the EB-5 Integrity Fund to administer to the EB-5 Regional Center Program.

CIG International Inc. (CIG) is an investment management and service company, specializing in overseas investments, start-up ventures, and mergers & acquisitions. CIG was founded in Canada in 1998 as a consulting firm focusing on foreign investments. In 2001, CIG became incorporated in South Korea and expanded its network of investment services.

Since 2012, CIG provided mergers & acquisitions, start-up investment, and management services to meet the growing needs of high-net-worth clients. Based on unique business experiences, CIG has been successfully providing financial consulting and advisory services allowing clients to identify foreign investment opportunities, evaluate its value proposition and make sound business decisions based on key business metrics.

In 2018 CIG partnered with The US Regional Center Group, a premier EB-5 regional center organization with projects exceeding US $1.4 billion of EB-5 capital commitments, providing EB-5 investment services and expertise in key economic hubs within the United States of extraordinary magnitude.

In 2021, CIG partnered with Keiretsu Forum Canada, a global angel investment group which invests up to US $100M+ annually, to provide a platform for promising start-up venture investment and management.

Currently, CIG is working on the Agriculture Technology Campus (“ATC”), a rural Infrastructure project eligible for EB-5 priority processing.  Investors will be repaid upon refinancing permanent loans that are guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) through a rigorous federal loan guarantee review and has been designated as a “high-security project” in the EB-5 industry. Located in Early Branch, South Carolina, ATC is a massive undertaking consisting of a 6,000-acre site that will host 18 hydroponic greenhouses and 2 processing, co-packing and distribution facilities, a 100 megawatt solar facility, multi-family apartment complexes for over 1,500 workers, and a biochar processing facility. As its tenant for the facilities to be developed in phase 2, ATC has secured Harvest House U.A. ( ) as a Strategic Partner which generates over 1 billion euro in annual revenue as an international association of growers with multigenerational experience in growing, selling and distributing fresh, organic, pesticide-free produce in hydroponic greenhouses.

EB-5 ATC Rural Project Video

Since inception, CIG has raised over US $1 Billion investment funds through affiliated networks in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea. 

Daniel Lee, CEO of CIG International reported “JP3E’s accomplishment in securing the extremely valuable and highly prized EB-5 licensure granted by the US Department of Homeland Security promises to propel CIG and JP3E to incredible funding opportunities.”

“The acquisition of CIG is the first of several acquisitions that will position JP3E to pursue exponential levels of growth.” said John K. Park, Chairman and CEO of JP 3E Holdings, Inc., formerly Spooz, Inc.

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