DALLAS, TX, September 13, 2023 – SutimCo Inc. (OTC PINK: SUTI) (the “Company) is proud to announce the completion of Auri Inc. (OTC PINK: AURI) (“AURI”) (the “Company”), acquiring SutimCo International Inc. 

“We are “on track” with our roll-up plans and companies’ acquisitions. We already see a tremendous possibility in our “vertical integration” of products and services. The companies that are signing up also include PBHG, PRPM and BDGR. Auri Inc. is the “tip of the spear” for the move to NASDAQ. All companies are becoming wholly owned subsidiaries and will continue to trade under their own ticker, while Auri Inc., as a holding company, will enjoy a greater Market Cap., as well as reporting combined revenues from all companies!” explained Edward Vakser, CEO.

SUTI, will also begin to distribute and sell the current brand of CBD and Delta 9 products, while in development for a new “premium” line, called “The Champ”.

3.2oz. Drink Shots (The Champ Label Brand) 

Drink Shots include a proprietary blend of mushrooms and up to 25 mg of ∆9-THCper shot. Powered by SENDS® Fast-Acting Technology, Drink Shots feature rapid onset speeds of 10-20 minutes, much quicker than traditional hemp-infused ingestible. Additionally, an optional proprietary mushroom blend may improve cognitive function, particularly memory, creativity, or motivation. 

12oz. Seltzer (The Champ by AURI Inc., or White Label Brand)

A crisp and refreshing THC-infused seltzer infused with 5mg ∆9-THC in each 12 oz. can and made with SENDS® technology, this easy-drinking seltzer is the perfect choice for those who want a unique, refreshing beverage. Each seltzer has only 15 calories per can. Whether you’re on an adventure or simply enjoying a relaxing evening at home, this is the perfect non-alcoholic drink to elevate any experience. Potency 5mg 10mg ∆9-THC Custom Potency up to 10mg ∆9-THC and 10mg CBD

Hemp-Derived Smart Shroom Gummies Powered by fast-acting SENDS™ Technology

Recently, the company announced the acquisition of the Distribution Company, RJR Capital Partners LLC. The RJR Group specializes in new product developments and retail distribution for MJ-based products and derivatives. 

The new, wholly-owned subsidiary is bringing new and exciting brands, as well as supplying our strategic companies such as AURI, BDGR, and of course, SUTI, with their own private labels of our products. 

“These are Hemp Derived Delta 9 Farm Bill 2018 compliant products that are currently accepted in 48 US states. Some revolutionary products such as “Levity”, that provides non-alcoholic Delta –9 experience and effects, without alcohol, and its related effects, are game changing beverages that are being sold in “non liquor store, and therefore creating and expanding a large market “, explained Edward Vakser, CEO. 

The company and the branding initiative is also focused on the “Sovereign”, an exclusive token for SUTI. The recent developments, where FINRA awarded OTC Markets Group the distribution rights for the cryptocurrencies, are very encouraging for SUTI to trade “Sovereigns” on OTC Markets. The convenience of sharing the platforms, will also facilitate easier transactions, especially paying a dividend to SUTI’s shareholders. 

Recently, the company announced several developments: 

The management announced today launch of SUTI cryptocurrency, Sovern Utility Token International. (SUTI)  

About Sutimco Inc. 

Sutimco Inc. is a development corporation in pursuit of strategic mergers and acquisitions of revenue-producing companies. Acquisitions related to “all things green and green energy” and software development, with a focus and design to enter a new and emerging Secured and Encrypted world of Digital currencies, NFT and NFA assets, built on Block Chain and secured platforms for Banking, transactions and currencies processing and merchandising. Recently, SUTI was focused on emerging and developing Medicinal and Recreational use Marijuana and Cannabis market sectors. The company is developing relationships and contracts with product and service providers that cover all aspects of this new and emerging market sector, and developing its own digital currency for the MJ trade. 

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