OAKLAND PARK, FL, July 20, 2023 – The Now Corporation (OTC PINK:NWPN) is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking entry into the African gold industry through the strategic acquisition of Sunshine Minerals Ltd. LLC, a Wyoming-based powerhouse. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey as The Now Corporation revolutionizes the way gold is exported from Africa to the global market.

Sunshine Minerals is no ordinary mineral company-it’s a true champion of integration, boasting unrivaled expertise in production, refinement, and logistics. With a remarkable track record of successful transactions, they have cracked the code to overcome the challenges of exporting precious commodities, especially gold, from Africa to eager investors worldwide. While our primary export market is the magnificent city of Dubai, we also cater to strong demand in Hong Kong, Turkey, and Europe. To ensure seamless physical delivery of gold, we’ve even established a dedicated representative company in the United States. Visit our dynamic website at https://www.sunshinemineralsusa.com/ to witness the pinnacle of excellence in action.

Embodying the spirit of this monumental acquisition, Conrad Schott, a legendary figure with over five decades of capital market prowess, sales management finesse, and logistical expertise, has been appointed as the dynamic President of The Now Corporation. Conrad’s illustrious journey began with his role in Air Cargo/Logistics Management at Associated Air Freight, followed by his stellar banking and mortgage banking career at Anaheim Savings Bank. In 1978, after attending the prestigious California School of Mortgage Banking, he blazed a trail of success across enhanced financial markets production and groundbreaking logistics and intermodal land development at major airports in Denver, Dallas, and Sacramento. Conrad joined Sunshine Minerals Ltd. in early 2023 and has since spearheaded the development of our groundbreaking Gold Investor model, earning rave reviews from markets around the globe.

Conrad’s appointment ushers in a new era of excellence, ensuring The Now Corporation’s management team upholds Sunshine’s unrivaled reputation as the best of the best. Their expertise in logistics, compliance, and capital will further expand Sunshine’s business footprint, unveiling unprecedented value creation avenues for all our partners and stakeholders. Embracing our dual mission, we remain devoted to uplifting our indigenous production partners and their communities, while simultaneously delivering exceptional and sustainable growth.

Ken Williams, the visionary CEO of The Now Corporation, expressed his elation about acquiring Sunshine Minerals as a subsidiary, stating, “Their management team is second to none. With the recent crash of crypto assets and prevailing geopolitical risks, gold is poised to regain its resplendence.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey with The Now Corporation as we unlock new frontiers in the African gold industry. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates that will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of precious metal investments.


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