Cheyenne, WY, April 18, 2024 – TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) joint-venture partner, Better Health Sciences For Pets Corp., has taken a significant step by submitting two additional products to Health Canada for approval as Veterinary Health Products (VHPs). These products are currently awaiting their Notification Numbers (NNs) to be issued, indicating compliance with VHP regulations.

This move highlights the commitment of TransGlobal Assets Inc., and Better Health Sciences For Pets Corp., to provide safe, effective, and high-quality products for animal health. By adhering to VHP regulations, they are ensuring the protection of animal health, consumer interests, public health, and the environment.

Moreover, by seeking approval from Health Canada, the companies are demonstrating their dedication to market integrity and compliance with regulatory standards. This not only fosters trust among consumers but also facilitates international trade by meeting regulatory requirements for product registration.

The Government of Canada has approved our first two submitted pet products. The first product is Better Pets Pet Gel which helps to promote healthy skin and maintain skin health. The second product is Better Pets Pet Balm which acts as a barrier and moisturizer to support skin health when applied to a pet’s paws, elbows and nose. Both products are Hemp based and include other essential ingredients like Beeswax and Shea butter aiding in increasing the skin health and happiness of your pet companion. Further information about our two newly submitted products will be updated on our website once approved by Health Canada.

Ilya Strashun, the CEO of TransGlobal Assets Inc., states, “This submission represents a significant milestone for Better Health Sciences For Pets Corp. by furthering their mission to enhance the well-being of pets while upholding regulatory standards and industry integrity. These new products are significant as they will expand the range of offerings and unlock fresh market opportunities within the pet industry.”

We invite prospective investors to delve into this transformative investment opportunity by navigating our digital domains:,,, and and These platforms reveal the exciting potential within TMSH, providing a unique vantage point into a promising future.

TransGlobal Assets Inc. is a publicly traded business holdings company that consists of: 1) Better Health Sciences, Inc. is a company that specializes in revolutionizing the health and wellness industries by offering advanced products and services. Their primary focus is on staying at the forefront of the health and wellness sectors, developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that drive industry growth and positively impact people’s lives. 2) Cannascribe Inc., on the other hand, has been operating in the medical cannabis industry since 2014. Their main objective is to assist patients in obtaining their medical licenses to produce and/or obtain medical cannabis from licensed producers (LPs). To provide the best advice and service to their patients/clients, Cannascribe Inc. has built a network across Canada. This network includes partnerships with LPs, equipment suppliers, product specialists, medical/wellness clinics, educational affiliates, as well as political and advocacy groups. 3) Synergy Health Services Inc., is a multidisciplinary Wellness Centre that provides evidence-based natural health care to clients seeking to change or improve their lives. Synergy Health Services Inc., combines traditional medical pain management with chiropractors, yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage allowing us to care for you as a whole person and not just your individual parts.

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Source: TransGlobal Assets Inc.

$TMSH TransGlobal Assets Inc. provides an update with the Joint-Venture partner Better Health Sciences For Pets Corp.

– Thomas Wolff

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