SANTA MONICA, CA, August 16, 2023 – Wanderport Corporation (OTC: WDRP), a holding company specializing in health and wellness, clean mobility and artificial intelligence (AI), is pleased to announce the cancellation of 100 million common shares and strategic direction of AI applications for health and wellness.

The Company has secured and cancelled 100 million shares of common stock, a reduction of 14% of its outstanding shares.  This significant measure, aimed at enhancing Wanderport’s capital structure and enhancing shareholder value, aligns with the Company’s ongoing efforts to fortify its financial position, streamline its activities, and drives forthcoming growth initiatives.

“We believe that the cancellation of these shares underscores our dedication to maximizing shareholder value and fortifying our financial foundation,” said Miki Takeuchi, Chief Executive Officer. “This strategic action is a testament to our confidence in the trajectory of Wanderport and our commitment to long-term success.”

By reducing the number of outstanding common shares, Wanderport aims to enhance its earnings per share and potentially increase the Company’s attractiveness to investors. The cancellation reflects the Company’s confidence in its future prospects in the wellness, clean mobility, and AI sectors.

As part of its mission to enhance the quality of human lives, Wanderport is pleased to announce its strategic move towards developing AI applications tailored for enhancement of health and wellness.

As the world continues to embrace the digital era, Wanderport recognizes the enormous potential of AI in revolutionizing the way individuals manage and prioritize their well-being. With this new focus, the Company is poised to create AI-driven solutions that empower people to proactively take charge of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

The Company’s goal is to combine the power of advanced machine learning algorithms with the in-depth understanding of human wellness to foster an environment where technology and health converge seamlessly. This will enable Wanderport to cater to a wide array of wellness needs, ranging from stress management and personalized fitness routines to mental health support and chronic disease management.

“Our commitment to leveraging AI for the betterment of humanity has led us to this moment,” commented Miki Takeuchi. “With this strategic shift towards wellness-focused AI applications, we envision a future where technology becomes a reliable partner in one’s journey towards holistic well-being.”

Wanderport is currently focusing on development of a suite of AI applications with plans to introduce product launches in Q4.  These applications are designed to provide education, consultation, and recommendations for programs or treatments aimed at enhancing individual wellness. 

Demos of the preliminary versions of the AI bots are available at Subsequent iterations will incorporate functionalities enabling the Company to capitalize on the applications.

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Wanderport Corporation is a holding company specializing in health and wellness, clean mobility and artificial intelligence

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